A Shopify Experiment

December 21, 2018

In the first 6-months after launching a Shopify (here) store, my store had grossed over $127,000 with profit margins of about ~23%. The subsequent year, the store grossed multiples of that.

But I am shutting my store down for now.

Building a company can be difficult. And this endevour wasn't an exception, however the reson to build the store was disconnected from making it a company that could be super successful. My main motivation was to experiment in creating Python (here) scripts, and to launch an e-commerce store using Shopify. At the time of building out my store I was really intregued with Shopify as a platform, and it's app store, and continue to be very impressed with Shopify today. I believe almost identical platforms could be created for a range of industries and have an impact on par with that of which Shopify has had for the e-commerce sector.

But why shut down something that is working so well?

The simple reason is that I did not love the business, and I never really intended to love the business. I simply wanted to create an e-commerce store as an experiment; an experiment to build something different and to take my mind off of Keychain Logistics (here). Will I start it up again? Maybe ... Maybe not. But what I do know is that I have a few ideas brewing that I would like to pursue. Ideas that take 15+ years of experience in the software industry. Experience in programming, in building teams, in seeking/securing investment, and ultimately in building something from the ground up that I am truly passionate about. The Shopify Experiment puts one more piece of ammo in my toolbox that I will draw from in my future endevour.

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